Our DL line lipstick

Shine like the star you are! With our new line of DL lipstick, a most spectacular appearance is yours. Brilliantly coloured, our lipstick adapts to your skin's pH-value* and gives a special look beyond compare. If you like your make-up fancy, this is the one for you.

*Colours achievable vary by your skin's pH-value.


lippenstift dl 1 r0612
lippenstift dl 2 r0612
lippenstift dl 3 q170
lippenstift dl 4 t1312
lippenstift dl 5 t1312


Our LE line lipstick

Make your lips extraordinary! With our new Lipstick "LE", you can! Stunningly sensual lips in seconds. For a make-up that is you.

Available in 10 exciting shades.


lippenstift le 03 p4512
lippenstift le 07 q170
lippenstift le 08 q170
lippenstift le 09 p4517
lippenstift le 10 q 5012
lippenstift le 11 p4517
lippenstift le 12 q5012
lippenstift le 13 p4512
lippenstift le 1 p4517
lippenstift le 6 q 5012
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